Electoral Program in English

Strengthen the EMD with professional and transparent management.

We will audit the accounts of the EMD and make public the balance sheet for the 2019-23 term, and from 2023 we will report annually on the work done and the financial current situation.

We will restore relations with Torroella’s City Council, on the political and the technique side, with dialogue and work spirit.

– We’ll negotiate a new agreement that expands powers (economic promotion,

tourism, social action, building and opening licences), which improves financing and

having the right staff to develop it.

We will work to expand the scope of the EMD, especially the areas that need it like “Mas


– We will reopen the debate on the segregation of L’Estartit from Torroella, do we want it? Can we?

The entities, the soul of L’Estartit

– We will negotiate with the town’s associations a new subsidy plan helping them to justify and payments.

– We will propose the use for activities of the old reading room in the AMPA (mother’s and father’s association) of the local Schools.

We will work with the Bell Racó association, supporting the program of activities that

they do and we will work to recover the popular weekly lunch project and create a

volunteer group to help those people who live alone.

We will ensure the maintenance of the identity and traditions of our people,

recovering the project of the living memory of maritime and fishing history from l’Estartit ”La Llongada”

L’Estartit 365: for the people who live here all year round

Health: We will promote the improvement of communications with the Palamós Hospital.

– Sports: we will rearrange the Salats space with the creation of a space for recreational activities and outdoor sports. We will rethink the sports area at the entrance of the village.

Education: we will talk with the Generalitat to improve the facilities and the streams at the Portitxol school.

-Culture: we will continue to promote cultural actions. We will draw up a Culture Plan,

to better coordinate the activities and the spaces to do them, and we will open the public library “Mar de Llibres”.

– We will update the Local Youth Plan: with the participation of young people, we will include

those issues that concern them the most, such as help to access their first home and

co-working spaces for young entrepreneurs.

Accessibility: we will update the mobility plan, evaluating the possibility of expanding the

bike lanes and improve the signage of roads that are shared with motor vehicles for a sustainable and future mobility plan.

Housing: we will look for solutions for those who want to live in l’Estartit all year with several

proposals, such as the deduction of IBI for homes that are rented throughout the year, the

limitation of HUT and the negotiation with SAREB, among others.

– We will make active employment policies, with a wide training offer and follow-up

of results.

-We will promote Catalan courses.

– Encourage the establishment of a small industrial zone; a space for workshops and warehouses to expand the job offer beyond tourism.

Security: we will maintain the headquarters of the Local Police in l’Estartit, and we will look to increase security, either with the installation of video-surveillance cameras in conflictive areas or the increase in police staff when necessary.

The Sustainable Development Goals, (SDGs) the script for the management of our tourism.

– We will continue to develop the Sustainability Tourism Plan.

– Boosting trade with a balanced model: creation of the APEU (Area of

Urban Economic Promotion) of L’Estartit and sustainable development following the

SDGs (sustainable development goals)

The Natural Park and the territory as backbone of the local economy: development

of a local and competitive fishing sector working hand in hand with the fisherman co-op, and introducing of a market of local products.

– Approval of a new ordinance for the use of public roads, facades, awnings and


We will encourage the installation of photovoltaic panels, in private buildings

(maintaining the current bonuses for individuals and we will establish new ones for

companies) and in public spaces, and we will work actively so that the establishments

obtain quality and environmental certifications.

– We will maintain our commitment to the music festivals Ítaca and Jazz l’Estartit, and

we will recover the Rainbow Weekend organized with the LGTBI collective.

An urban center without non-resident cars: we will work to get more parking spaces at the entrance to the town and better connectivity with the centre, through the option of public rental bicycles or urban transport that includes them urbanizations

– Change of public lighting to LED

– We will develop a new urban park around Ter Vell and create a cycle path

between Salt d’Euga and Cap de la Barra.

– Creation of a second network of regenerated water for public use.

– We will do awareness campaigns about food waste.

The culture of small things. The maintenance of public spaces, an inescapable obligation

Quality and well-maintained playgrounds and street furniture.

– Promotion of animal excrement collection campaigns enforcing the regulations.

– We will continue with the cat sterilization campaign and improve the control of the colonies.

-Continue the maintenance of the green spaces in the town center and the urbanisations.

Rethink town planning in terms of well-being, from l’Estartit and not from the municipality

– Sanctions for the uncivil who do not respect the garbage regulations and more bonuses

for those who recycle well.

– Creation of a native tree plan in order to expand the shaded areas in squares and streets

– We will work so that the regulations are more strict with the buildings in a state

of abandonment, and those that do not keep there properties in a good condition.

We will make sure to maintain the buildings and heritage elements of our town (e.g.

The clock tower, the Chapel, the fountain of Santa Anna,…)

– We will facilitate access to the sea from rocky areas on Passeig del Molinet and the east breakwater, to be able to reach the sea without crossing the beach.

Big investments, with care and good planning

– A new public facility open to everyone: Civic centre for the young, the elderly and

local societies. A space for everyone with the format of a small theatre and room for performances theatrical or musical.

– We will monitor the investments that exceed municipal competence, such as the

construction of the new maritime promenade and the promenade that goes from “Griells” to “La Pletera”.

– Asphalt of the streets that require it the most.

-Creation of a footbridge in the Gola del Ter, an investment by the municipality that goes beyond a single one mandate

– We will resume work with the Generalitat to find an alternative route direct from Pals to  l’Estartit avoiding Torroella.

– We will clarify the current situation of the Loran Base and work to achieve it

property if still possible.

Work on the future creation of a building of supervised apartments for the elderly people with space for day centre.

– We will start the procedures to set up some social gardens in L’Estartit.

– We will define a sports plan, together with the sports organizations, the facilities

necessary for the present and future of sport in our town, and we will plan them.

– We will study the possibility of installing a water desalination plant in the coming years.

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